A Textile Family   :   The Sirikulthada family has been associated with textiles in Thailand since 1979. We have always kept our confidence in textiles business and continuity of Thailand’s economy growth potential.  Today, we are as committed to textiles and Thailand as ever before. 

The main production groups are:

          - Apparel Fabrics

          - Home Textiles

          - Automobile Textiles

          - Functional Textiles

Gold House Decor   :   Incorporated in May 2007, the vision we had for Gold House Decor was to become a supplier and distributor of home textiles in Thailand. We want to supply our fabrics and happiness to all our agents shops and end users via our fabrics. We believe in non-toxic, clean and beautiful fabrics that will bring joy, love, comfort and good health to all our customers. Hence came our company motto

Made in Thailand   :   We believe in Thai fabrics. We trust Thai quality and all products made in Thailand. We want to promote Thai products to all users around the world, to send our Thai traditions, values and Thai-ness to customers all around the world. Trust Made in Thailand.